Digital collaboration space
LV-DX Collaboration

Connecting employees, business processes, and all internal operations of the business on a single platform.

✓ Flexible working ✓ Security and privacy
✓ Unlimited collaboration ✓User-friendly interface

Customer service 24/7 | Customization on request

Benefits of implementing the solution

LV-DX Collaboration is a platform that enables businesses to have a friendly and powerful interactive environment

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The four main solution groups

LV-DX Workspace

Digital workspace

Equipped with the necessary digital tools for employees to work efficiently, thereby fostering dynamic interactions within the organizational space.

Social media dashboard

Internal communication, fostering connections and sharing emotions, transmitting important information instantly.

Online chat

Seamless connection with colleagues, just a click away to initiate a conversation.

Company information page

The place where the business narrates its brand story to each employee: Vision, mission, core values,...

Work schedule and note

Create notes and reminders, and automatically link to task management/meeting notes for daily to-dos.

Online meeting

Unlimited meeting duration, no limit on the number of meetings, extremely high security, easy customization.

Intelligent virtual assistant

Answer online inquiries, provide automated procedure/policy responses, and share synchronized information.

Free trial experience

✓ No setup fees ✓ 24/7 customer service
✓ No credit card required ✓ Cancel anytime

✓ No setup fee
✓ 24/7 customer service
✓ No credit card required
✓ Cancel anytime
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Digital resource repository

Eliminate dispersion, transform data into inheritable assets for the business, allowing safe sharing and storage.

A flexible document management and storage solution that addresses challenges in storing, searching for records, and synchronizing document management within the enterprise.

Organize document storage (outgoing - incoming and internal) flexibly, digitize the document processing process to help save 80% of time - effort, and easily search and use documents.

Online approval and digital signature for various types of electronic documents within and outside the enterprise, anytime, anywhere, helping to reduce up to 90% of costs and time compared to traditional signing methods.

Digitizing operations

Superior digital transformation solutions for processes and operational systems. Ready to bid farewell to forgetfulness, delays, unclear processes, inaccurate work quality assessment, time-consuming meetings, and shifting responsibilities,...

LV-DX OKR Goal Management

Establishing goals according to standards, tailored to each target group, to enable the company to execute its strategy faster through the shortest path.

LV-DX Task Management

Easily organize, assign tasks, and delegate tasks online, utilizing resources efficiently, and boosting work productivity.

LV-DX Process Management

Standardize and digitize all processes, linking multiple departments into a manageable, measurable, and coordinated ecosystem.

LV-DX Project Management"

Monitor project progress, resources, and budget in real-time to ensure that all projects are successfully completed.

LV-DX Administrative

Online administrative services

When needed, administrative services are available to enhance the employee experience, streamline internal communication, and provide transparent usage status through the system.

Standardize transparent meeting information, clearly presented through a schedule showing time slots and the online/offline status of meeting rooms.

A comprehensive office solution helps establish the car approval process, review, coordination, and manage vehicle usage status.

Establish approval processes for office supplies and provide online requisition services for office supplies.

The unique value proposition of the LV-DX system

Data and service interoperability

Reduce investment costs

Useful & casual

Giá trị khác biệt

Operational 24/7, anywhere

Safety, security

Big data processing

Interoperable with LV-DX

Liên thông nghiệp vụ

Manage tasks, schedule meetings, email notifications

Coordinate and maintain relationships with customers

Online training

Organizational chart, documentation

Payment of job and project costs

Evaluate sales staff performance

Public debt

Expense payment

Suggestions for improving human resources activities, performance, and satisfaction

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Platform infrastructure

Technology services

IT equipments

Collaborate with more than 100 partners

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