Lac Viet provides a variety of networking devices, meeting customer needs in improving connectivity, ensuring stable Internet operation, and preventing disruptions

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Network equipment - Indispensable products in the 5.0 era

Storage Network are types of equipment used to connect devices within one or more LANs (local area networks) together. Additionally, these network devices facilitate easier and faster internet connections for PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Lac Viet provides various types of networking equipment, meeting all usage needs of individuals and businesses, along with professional network system deployment services upon request.

Functions of network devices

Network devices play a crucial and indispensable role when setting up a LAN for an office, company, building, school, organization, etc. Thanks to network devices, terminal devices such as computers, printers, telephones, laptops, PCs, etc., can connect to the Internet and exchange information with each other.

Thanks to network devices, the internet connection between terminal devices remains stable, free from interference, signal disturbances, etc. The network's transmission range is extensive, allowing connections to be made at any time. Additionally, when installing network devices, we can manage the number of internet connections, and the devices themselves can flexibly connect to various devices, serving users' lifestyle needs.

Some popular network devices today

Storage NetworkFunction
☑️ RouterConnect internal networks to external networks (Internet), manage packets, and coordinate data between different networks.
☑️ Switch (Network splitter)Connect devices within a local network, providing switching capability and enhancing performance compared to a hub.
☑️ Hub (Network splitter)An older device shares data with all connected devices but lacks the intelligent switching capability of a switch.
☑️ Access PointEnables wireless devices to connect to a wired network, creating a WLAN.
☑️ ModemConnects the internal network to the external network, converting between the digital signals of computers and the analog signals of the telephone network.
☑️ BridgeConnects two networks of the same type, helping to expand the network and improve performance.
☑️ Repeater (Wave booster)Enhances network signals to extend coverage and reduce loss.
☑️ Gateway (Connection port)Convert between different network protocols and standards, link incompatible networks.
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The network equipment products provided by Lac Viet are guaranteed to be 100% genuine and are currently offered at discounted prices, along with a long-term 12-month warranty.

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