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Comprehensive technology solutions

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Comprehensive technology solutions

Integrating all needs in one service from: Providing IT equipment – Warranty, repair – Consulting, infrastructure construction – Management software solutions, tailoring for all fields.

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Lac Viet has been a pioneering entity in constructing digital platforms and information technology systems since 1994.

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Industry solutions & customer stories

Software deployment management text for Power companies, Oil and Gas Ca Mau

Date 26/3/2018 in Ca Mau, the representative of the Company shares Information, Lac Viet and Power Companies, Oil and Gas Ca Mau has signed an agreement to implement The project code number : 10/2018/HDJ/ĐLDKCM-LV – equipped with additional features to Manage the job, on the platform, software, dispatch Management

Reviews of our customers

Bà Trần Thị Thụy Vy
Ms. Tran Thi Thuy VyDirector of Human Resources - Puratos Grand Place Vietnam Ltd.
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"Our company is managing and processing a large amount of information related to employees working at 7 different locations nationwide, so using software in management work is essential and meaningful to us in reducing manual workload and saving time for all members of the company. Currently, we are using SureHCS Human Capital Management software in all operational activities."
Ông Dương Tiến Dũng
Mr. Duong Tien DungLabor and Salary Department - ACV Corporation
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"We truly trust only to entrust our most important data to an experienced partner like Lac Viet. The Lac Viet SureHCS solution helps the company centrally manage data, with personnel management seamlessly integrated throughout the entire system. We highly appreciate the features of the product, which effectively meet ACV's management needs, as well as the dedicated deployment team, which worked efficiently to complete the project in a very short time."
Bà Nguyễn Thị Hoàng Ngâu
Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoang EventualityChief financial officer
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“The request of the company, we have set out very complex and is difficult problem for the business software. However, AccNetERP have actually convinced us by a team of consultants and deploy professional software put into use had better meet the requirements according to individual peculiarities of new Mexico. After use time efficiently, we decided to sign the next contract for the member companies.”
Bà Đỗ Thị Thanh Huyền
Ms. Do Thi Thanh HuyenChief financial officer
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“Since using the software, AccNetERP helped us corporate governance in a comprehensive way and tighter. No small contribution in the saving of time – increasing the work performance of the staff of the department to access data Online quickly. Analysis of data into the numbers speak great support for Leaders in making decisions."
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